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Sexual concerns

If sexual activity is painful or if you have noticed you have lower sexual interest, our providers can assess your concern, determine its cause and create a course of treatment or management that is right for you.

Pain during sexual activity

Pain during sexual activity can be simply unpleasant or can cause you to stop or avoid sexual activity altogether. Pain involving the vulva or vaginal opening can be caused by an infection, a skin condition, overly sensitive nerves, irritation from products used or hormonal changes. Deeper vaginal or pelvic pain can be caused by urinary infections, interstitial cystitis, bowel problems, endometriosis, pelvic floor muscle spasms (pelvic myalgia) or other gynecologic problems. Once your provider determines the cause of your pain, you can work together to determine the best treatment.

Low sexual interest

Sexual interest, also called libido, will vary throughout your lifetime. Libido is dependent on factors including hormonal changes, relationships, medications and life stressors.

If you are concerned about low libido, a discussion with your provider can help determine the cause and any appropriate treatment options.



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