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Premenstrual symptoms

Many women note changes in their bodies prior to the onset of their periods. This can include bloating, swelling or fluid retention, breast tenderness, changes in appetite and mood swings. For most women these symptoms are tolerable with life style changes.

For the few days prior to a period symptoms can be reduced by good health measures. Interventions for premenstrual discomforts is individualized and can include exercise to help bloating or swelling, avoiding carbohydrates and salt, and over the counter Tylenol or advil for any discomforts. Mood swings that are not helped with these conventional approaches can be targeted with antidepressants.

The best first approach to managing premenstrual symptoms is charting on a calendar. We are so busy these days that it can be hard to pin down symptoms. Keeping a daily diary of symptoms will help us target interventions that can help. Be sure to bring your records with you to your office visit.



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