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Osteoporosis care

As we age, our bones lose strength. This can change posture, and eventually lead to bone fractures and breaks.'

When bones experience only mild thinning, it is referred to as osteopenia. Osteopenia is often reversible with simple interventions including weight-bearing exercise, and calcium and vitamin D supplements. 

Osteoporosis is a more significant loss of bone mass. In addition to exercise and supplements, many women with osteoporosis take bone-building medications to not only prevent further bone loss but to build more bone strength and reduce risk of fracture.

Bone density testing

A bone density test, or DEXA scan, is a low-power X-ray that looks at the skeleton to measure the thickness of the spine and hips to provide information about your risk of fracture. It is painless, and only takes a few minutes.

DEXA scans are performed in our office. Dierdre Bland, MD, is a certified bone densitometrist. She has undergone extensive training to read and interpret the results of DEXA scans.



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