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General gynecology

Women at every age deserve quality gynecologic care. Whether you are in need of preventive gynecologic care or help with a gynecologic problem, Novant Health Winston-Salem Gynecology is here for you.

Annual gynecologic exams

An annual gynecologic dam is a chance for you to ask important questions of your provider and discuss any concerns you might have. It is also an opportunity for your provider to identify potential health concerns early and look for ways to help you live a healthier life.

Annual gynecologic exams can include:

  • A breast exam.
  • Referrals for mammograms when needed for our patients ages 40 and older. This is especially important if you have detected a lump or another change in your breast tissue.
  • Pelvic exams for patients age 21 and older. (These internal exams are not necessary for most of our younger patients.)
  • A Pap test. This is a simple test to identify potentially cancerous cells on the cervix. Abnormal results may require further testing or monitoring, but do not immediately indicate cancer.
  • An HPV test (for women ages 30-60). Many abnormal Pap tests are due to the preserve of the human papilloma virus. This extremely common virus is transmitted through sexual contact.
  • Discussion of or administration of the Gardasil shot for patients up to age 26. This vaccine protects against HPV.
  • A discussion of period symptoms, premenstrual symptoms or irregular periods. Often, your provider can suggest diet changes or over-the-counter medications to lessen these. Sometimes, prescription medications or other interventions are needed.
  • Recommendations for other preventive measures you can take to stay as healthy as possible. These include lifestyle changes such as achieving a healthy weight or quitting smoking. We also advise all of our patients of childbearing age to take a daily vitamin which contains folic acid (folate). This can greatly reduce the likelihood of birth defects affecting the brain and spine. You must take this prior to pregnancy for it to be effective.
  • Sick-patient care

    If you are suffering from an acute gynecologic condition and would like to be seen by a provider quickly, we are here to help! We make every effort to reserve same-day and next-day appointments for sick patients. If you would like to request a same-day or next-day appointment, please let us know that when you call.

    A note about pregnancy

    Should you become pregnant, you will have access to highly qualified obstetricians from across the Novant Health network. We will help you find the provider who is right for you.

    We will communicate with your obstetrician throughout your pregnancy to stay informed of your care. After your pregnancy, we look forward to seeing you again in our office!



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